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DWI / DUI Defense

Minneapolis DWI Attorney

DWI (driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs) is an offense taken seriously in Minnesota, resulting in aggressive prosecution that needs to be met with an even more aggressive Minneapolis DWI attorney. If convicted, the penalties can include jail time, fines, license revocation/suspension, community service, and probation. In addition, your vehicle could be impounded or forfeited. The consequences are harsh. Factor in the fact that a DWI results in a criminal record that can cause job loss, difficulty getting a job, and issues with securing good insurance rates and you can see why you need to fight the charges against you.

In addition to defending you against DWI/DUI charges Charles Segal can help you with the following DWI-related areas:

  • Driver’s License Reinstatement
  • Forfeiture Hearings

Hope When Facing DWI Charges In Minnesota

To fight the charges, Charles Segal can represent you and defend your rights throughout the case. Rights violations and procedures carried out improperly are just two of the ways in which DWI cases are dismissed. Other times, reduced charges can be negotiated so that the penalties are not as serious.

When you hire Mr. Segal to take on your case, you will learn:

  • The options that are available to you so you can make informed decisions
  • The outcome to expect in your case
  • The different strategies that can be used to secure the best outcome in the case
  • How your rights will be protected at a time when you feel your rights have been taken away

The sooner you make contact, the sooner work can begin on creating a strong defense for you. You don’t have to speak to anyone else until you have spoken with your attorney. Charles Segal will give you the sound legal advice that you need so that you can make the right decisions from the start. An immediate investigation into the charges against you will then start so that the relevant facts can be uncovered in the case. These facts are used to create a custom legal strategy. As a former prosecutor and as an experienced defense attorney, Charles Segal knows the law, how the prosecution works, the different courts in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities, as well as the unique courtroom procedures of each courthouse.

Dedicated DWI Defense

In addition to a solid defense designed to get the result that you need to move forward with your life, your advocate needs to be someone you can trust at a time when you need immediate help. Charles Segal is a Minneapolis DWI attorney who has helped clients throughout the Twin Cities get the results they need to eliminate the charges completely or pay fewer penalties through reduced charges. Know that you are not alone in your case when you have a knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer in your corner.

Contact A Minneapolis DWI Attorney

If you have been accused of DWI, you need an experienced attorney who can guide you through the legal process and advocate for your rights and future. Charles R. Segal is a highly knowledgeable and aggressive attorney ready to help you obtain the best result in your DUI/DWI case. To learn more, contact Segal Defense, PA at 612-299-1110 to request a free consultation.