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Probation Violations

Minneapolis Probation Violations Lawyer & Criminal Attorney

If you have previously been convicted of a crime and placed on probation or parole, you have been given the chance to lead a normal life by having part or all of your jail sentence deferred. As long as you are compliant with the terms of your probation, there is no need to worry about having to serve your entire sentence in jail or prison. If you’ve been accused of violating these terms, you could be faced with having to complete your sentence in jail or prison. Such an accusation warrants the help of a Minneapolis probation violations lawyer.

This attorney must be someone with experience and a track record of securing fair results in probation violation cases. Charles Segal is committed to finding out why the violation happened and using the facts and law to secure the best possible outcome in the matter.

Probation Violation Representation You Can Trust

When you’ve been accused of a probation violation, you need an immediate defense. There are two types of violations that occur:

  • Direct violation – A direct probation violation occurs when the person on probation is charged with another crime, doesn’t check in with the probation officer as scheduled, doesn’t report a change of address, fails a drug and alcohol screening, or violates the terms in another way. While the most significant consequence for a direct probation violation is serving out the remainder of the sentence in jail or prison, there are other penalties that could occur like probation extension, drug and alcohol treatment programs, or fines.
  • Technical violation – A technical violation is the unintentional violation of probation. There are common reasons for this, such as misunderstandings or miscommunication. For instance, the terms may not be clearly communicated to the defendant. Probation officers also tend to change and this can cause confusion among those on probation or check-in procedures could be delayed. In some cases, a person may believe their probation period ended when it hasn’t.

There are many reasons behind direct and technical probation violations, which is why you need a Minneapolis probation violations lawyer to evaluate what happened. From there, you can be given the proper advice and advocacy you need.

Challenging Probation Violation Charges

Even if you think you can’t win against a probation violation accusation, you shouldn’t count yourself out when it comes to securing a defense lawyer. You may be surprised at what elements exist in the case that can possibly keep you from having to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail or prison. Don’t just sit back and hope for the best when you have a shot at the best possible outcome.

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Probation violations happen intentionally and unintentionally. No matter the reason, you deserve a comprehensive criminal defense so that you can fight for your future. Charles Segal has the experience you need in your corner when faced with a probation violation charge. To learn more, call Segal Defense P.A. at 612-299-1110 to request a free consultation.