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Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Sex crimes are thought of as some of the most heinous offenses that can be committed, but often the statutes that describe these crimes can be confusing. This is particularly true when it comes to the crime of criminal sexual conduct in the state of Minnesota, listed in the state revisor. If you’re worried about… Read more »

How Serious is Aiding an Offender in Minnesota?

It’s one of those unavoidable truths that people who are in trouble with the law have friends and family who often get caught up in the negative events. All too often, loving family and romantic partners find themselves charged with aiding an offender, sometimes when they weren’t even aware that they were doing so. If… Read more »

Minnesota Burglary Defense Lawyer

Burglary refers to the act of breaking into and entering another person’s property, unlawfully with the intention to commit a crime. Building a strong defense against burglary with an attorney is essential, especially because burglary is often considered a felony. This guide will walk you through some factors everybody should know about burglary charges. Degrees… Read more »