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DWI Attorney Mankato

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in Mankato or anywhere in Blue Earth County, you need an experienced DWI attorney in your corner. An experienced DWI lawyer knows how to deal with necessary procedures, including various motions that are essential for minimizing potential penalties while building strong defense strategy tailored to each situation. As… Read more »

What to Expect When Charged With Fleeing From the Police in Minnesota

Although the charge of fleeing from police doesn’t seem like it has serious implications, the truth is that is considered very serious by the state and will be charged as a felony. Whether it is on foot, or more commonly, in a motor vehicle, if you try to evade the police for any reason, you… Read more »

A Passionate Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer Helps the Accused

A felony DWI case is a serious matter. This is a situation in which a law enforcement agency and its representatives have accused you or a family member of violating the law. Felony DWI is a criminal charge with potential prison time (up to seven years for first offenders) and penalties. Lesser DWIs are also… Read more »

Do You Have a Right to Refuse Field Sobriety Tests in Minnesota?

Minnesota, like every state, takes driving under the influence very seriously. However, the state has also mandated that law enforcement’s hunt for drunk drivers not impede the rights of its citizens. As such, drunk driving checkpoints were made illegal and police officers have a series of strict rules to follow when apprehending those that they… Read more »

When Technology Fails – DWI Tests that Might Lead to Inaccuracies

While there are DWI cases that can be fought, it can be harder to get your case thrown out if you have taken a breathalyzer test. But what if this test itself was inaccurate? There are plenty of ways that technology can fail. Most individuals might think that technology when it comes to drug and… Read more »