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What Do You Really Know about Expungement?

Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer We’re heading back to school for a true/false quiz, as we look at what you really know about Expungement. Read on to learn what’s true and what’s false. Expungement means the court destroys my criminal record. False. Expungement in Minnesota means that the court seals your criminal record, not destroys it. No… Read more »

The Truth About Underaged Drinking and Driving Charges in Minnesota

All too often, a teenager or group of teenagers will engage in dangerous activities on the false concept that being under 18 means that they face minimum legal consequences. Combined with raging hormones and a heightened sense of invulnerability, it’s easy for teens to convince themselves that things like vandalism or drinking and driving are ‘no… Read more »

Terroristic Threat Lawyers in Minneapolis

What happens if you are accused of a terrorist crime? Terrorism refers to a violent or destructive act that affects a wide group, not just an individual. It occurs when someone attempts to intimidate society in general or a broad class of people. If a crime is judged and act of terrorism, that magnifies the… Read more »

In Minnesota, You Can Be Charged with DWI for Your Prescription Drugs

Minnesota Laws Regarding DWI and Prescription Drugs According to Minnesota’s DWI laws (Statute 169A.20), impairment due to the use of prescription drugs is no less serious an offense than driving drunk, or under the influence of another controlled substance.  According to statute: “It is a crime for any person to drive, operate, or be in physical… Read more »

Preparing Your Defense Against an Indecent Exposure Charge in Minnesota

If you or someone you know has recently been accused of indecent exposure, this is not something you can afford to take lightly. Indecent exposure is something that is easy to accuse someone of but very, very hard to live with if you are actually convicted. You’re not just at risk of fines and jail… Read more »