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Can a Minnesota Solicitation of Prostitution Lawyer Help You?

Being arrested for solicitation of prostitution is not only embarrassing, but it can also have serious consequences. However, you may have a defense or a mitigating circumstance that could either dismiss or reduce your charges. To protect your future, learn more about this charge from an experienced Minnesota solicitation of prostitution attorney from the information… Read more »

Minnesota Prescription Drug Charges Lawyer

Illegal possession of medications is a serious drug problem. In recent years, the epidemic of addiction to prescription medications, especially pain killers has shifted the attention of law enforcement efforts to illegal possession, sale, and distribution of prescription medication (or drugs that could have and should have been legally prescribed by physicians). A patient with… Read more »

Minnesota Revenge Porn Lawyer

Under Minnesota law, it is a crime to intentionally disseminate an image of another person who is depicted in a sexual act or whose intimate parts are exposed, in whole or in part, when 1) the depicted person is identifiable, 2) the accused knows or should reasonably know that the depicted person does not consent… Read more »

False Police Report Minnesota

What To Know About Falsely Reporting A Crime In Minnesota A charge of falsely reporting a crime is taken very seriously in the state of Minnesota. The long-term consequences can have a negative impact, affecting a person’s life long into their future. Law enforcement and the judiciary consider serious consequences to be a reasonable deterrent… Read more »