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What to Expect When Charged With Fleeing From the Police in Minnesota

Although the charge of fleeing from police doesn’t seem like it has serious implications, the truth is that is considered very serious by the state and will be charged as a felony. Whether it is on foot, or more commonly, in a motor vehicle, if you try to evade the police for any reason, you… Read more »

A Passionate Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer Helps the Accused

A felony DWI case is a serious matter. This is a situation in which a law enforcement agency and its representatives have accused you or a family member of violating the law. Felony DWI is a criminal charge with potential prison time (up to seven years for first offenders) and penalties. Lesser DWIs are also… Read more »

Getting Your Life Back Together Following Minnesota DWI Charges

We had a recent blog post on how a DWI in the state of Minnesota can become enhanced. To recap, there are progressively more serious consequences in our state for DWI offenders who have multiple offenses within a ten-year timeframe. That being said, there are also aggravating factors that can make a DWI into a… Read more »