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Getting Your Life Back Together Following Minnesota DWI Charges

We had a recent blog post on how a DWI in the state of Minnesota can become enhanced. To recap, there are progressively more serious consequences in our state for DWI offenders who have multiple offenses within a ten-year timeframe. That being said, there are also aggravating factors that can make a DWI into a gross misdemeanor or felony even in a first-offense scenario, including bodily injury resulting from the drunk driving event, having a minor under 16 present in your vehicle, and being at twice the legal limit when you get arrested. These are not factors we encourage anyone to mess around with, and we understand that gross misdemeanor and felony charges are serious business. However, we want to create hope in our readers as well. We want our fellow Minnesotans to understand that hiring a proper defense attorney who has tried DWI cases comes with a caveat. At Segal Defense, we are dedicated to serving the whole person and we want to help you get your life back together.

From Misdemeanor to Felony

The lowest charge of DWI has only a maximum fine of $1,000 and 90 days in jail. A felony charge could lead to as many as seven years in prison. A person with a prior criminal history could actually face more jail time. If your history included another DWI offense in the state of Minnesota but that event occurred more than ten years ago, you may not face the maximum jail time. We are here to evaluate your case and determine what is the most jail time and fine or penalty you could be charged by a Minnesota judge.

Getting Your Life Back Begins With Proper Representation

We understand that the thought of doing jail time is scary to the average person. When you are behind bars, possibly being away from work 90 days can have serious financial consequences for your family. That’s why, once you have received Minnesota DWI charges, you want to find aggressive legal representation as soon as possible. If we work on your behalf, we can get all of the court filings and police reports/investigative documents and begin to work on building your legal defense. This includes any reports on a blood alcohol test and/or blood work that was drawn if you were seen in the hospital after a drunk driving accident. Every DWI charge should be taken seriously.

Find Answers Today

If you sit down with us for a free consultation, you will immediately begin to understand the legal process that applies to your case. We cannot promise you results, but we can work diligently on your behalf to prove your innocence and/or to minimize the legal consequences of your actions. In the end, you could owe criminal fines and/or have to serve jail time, but view this as one part of the larger process of rebuilding your life. Keep all of your court dates with us speaking in your favor. Show that you are a responsible citizen by getting help with all factors that contributed to this DWI charge. For example, some of our clients enroll in a community-based program to overcome possible alcohol addiction. We can also help you explore options such as obtaining a limited driver’s license, which helps you to maintain employment after your case is resolved. Explore alternate forms of transportation to get around town.

We encourage all people accused of a drunk driving incident to take Minnesota DWI charges seriously. Don’t hesitate to learn how a DWI conviction could affect your civil rights and your family’s livelihood. Sitting down with a licensed Minnesota attorney is the only way to understand his or her qualifications and experience. Don’t hire someone without criminal trial experience. Please contact us for more details today.

The information presented in this article is not considered legal advice. Please contact our law office to speak to an attorney about your case.