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A Passionate Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer Helps the Accused

A felony DWI case is a serious matter. This is a situation in which a law enforcement agency and its representatives have accused you or a family member of violating the law. Felony DWI is a criminal charge with potential prison time (up to seven years for first offenders) and penalties. Lesser DWIs are also serious. What’s more, if convicted, you could also have trouble finding future employment opportunities because you will have a permanent record. It is your responsibility to know your rights under the laws of Minnesota and to take appropriate legal actions before you’re convicted of a crime. If you wait too long to seek legal advice, the outcome of the case may be decided for you. Then, you might end up in jail with a lot of time to reflect on how you could’ve handled the entire matter differently.

Take Action

Don’t let precious time go to waste. Find out what we can do to represent you as officers of the court. We are criminal defense attorneys who believe that everybody deserves a strong defense. We often get asked by perspective clients what we can offer them in terms of professional legal services. From our perspective, this is a very important question. We recommend that you sit down with an attorney and  immediately begin to sort out the key details in your case. In fact, an attorney should not be hired to represent you unless he or she can adequately answer your questions about trying cases of felony DWI in the state of Minnesota. Some attorneys are more likely to handle routine DWI cases and motor vehicle citations, but we know that felony cases are of a more serious nature because they come with longer jail time and higher fines than lesser charges.

Don’t Settle for Just Any Kind of Representation

The choice of an attorney is something that could radically impact your future. That’s why you need a person who understands the intricacies of the Minnesota courts. Let’s take the example of how a judge might sentence a convicted felon with no prior criminal background versus how he might sentence a felon with a previous DWI or other serious crimes. Your attorney would be able to advise whether it’s worth risking the maximum sentence for your case based on any priors or if you are better off seeking a plea bargain. Knowing the potential outcomes in your specific case and thoroughly analyzing the government’s facts against you could mean the difference between doing time and being acquitted.

Think Hard About Your Options

When your family’s livelihood is at stake and you don’t know how to provide for them upon conviction of a DWI in Minnesota, you will really wish that you had hired the best representation for the money. We are aggressive attorneys who believe in the fundamental right of being innocent until proven guilty and the right to a fair trial. Many people who have been accused of a crime are seeking a free consultation, but they are already convinced that they cannot afford quality representation. While you may decide that your budget does not allow for legal representation and then you accept the services of a public defender, remember our services may be affordable. We offer different kinds of payment plans to help ensure that our clients will get good representation.

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Our attorneys are also committed to helping people who have made mistakes get a fair trial and a fitting outcome to their case. You should not run the risk of going to court and speaking to a prosecutor and judge alone. It is a difficult matter to understand all of your legal rights and how your criminal history could affect the potential outcomes of your case. For example, some officers do not follow the letter of the law, such as not advising a defendant of his or her Miranda rights. It is up to us to determine if there are holes in your case which means we might easily get it dismissed in court. The sooner that you hire an attorney that fits your budget and matches your requirements for a legal expert, the better off you are. We can attend any hearings with you and file motions on your behalf to keep your case moving through the legal system in accordance with the law. Don’t let the system make you a victim; get started on building a quality defense for your DWI case today. For more details, contact us  today.

The information presented in this article is not considered legal advice. Please contact our law office to speak to an attorney about your case.