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Five Preparation Tips for Court if You’ve Been Charged with a Minnesota DWI

If you will be heading to court to face recent DWI charges, it is important that you are ready for everything your day in court will entail. While you might be distracted or overwhelmed, it is important to take your court date seriously and be prepared for this. Here are five things that you can do to get ready for your day in court.

1. Preparing With Your Attorney

Finding a DWI attorney to represent you is the first step when it comes to facing DWI charges. They can review your case, but they can also help you with minor prep when it comes to court details. You’ll want to practice addressing the judge, go over with your attorney ahead of time what you will be hoping to resolve during your hearing, and details such as when you or your attorney will be doing the talking. A Minneapolis-based attorney will know the local laws and the best ways to lessen your conviction or have your charges thrown out entirely.

2. Don’t Drive on a Revoked License

If you have gotten your license revoked as a part of DWI charges, you should obey the notice of revocation and stay away from driving. This especially rings true on your court date. While you might be scrambling to figure out how to get to your court hearing, alternate transportation is something that you should have figured out in advance. Have a trusted family member, your attorney, or private car get you to court. If you are caught the day of driving on a suspended licence, this could derail any bargaining you and your DWI attorney may have had with your case and lead to new charges.

3. Put Some Time into Your Outfit Choice

While you might not think that appearances should matter when it comes to court hearings, this can cause others to make inadvertent assumptions and judgements about you. Make sure your outfit is conservative, clean, and unassuming. If you aren’t sure what the best choice would be when it comes to an outfit for court, ask your attorney for advice. It is important that your outfit conveys a calm, neat exterior. You shouldn’t stand out in court for wearing something that might be too wild or inappropriate for court.

4. Keep Distractions Out of the Courthouse

Your day in court truly should be all about you and what are hoping to achieve that day when it comes to DWI charges. This isn’t a day that you should get straddled having to bring kids with you to court or have a significant other come along that might become overly emotional during your court hearing. If you think you might get distracted by your cell phone, leave this at home or in the car. You don’t want to make an impression that your hearing isn’t a priority.

5. Be Sure to be On Time

Being on time to court really means getting to the courthouse early. If you are taking public  transportation, aren’t familiar with the area, or aren’t sure about parking, add in some additional travel time to your morning. Don’t having anything else planned that might distract you and make you late. You might want to meet you attorney before your court time to go over last-minute details. This will ensure you are both on-site and are ready for meeting with the prosecutor and judge.

Taking your court hearing and the process that goes along with this seriously can go a long way when it comes to lessening or throwing out your DWI charges. If you are present, sincere judges won’t draw bad conclusions about you. If you have recently been charged with a DWI and you aren’t sure what your next steps should be, contact us to ensure you are covered by a DWI attorney to navigate the process.

The information presented in this article is not considered legal advice. Please contact our law office to speak to an attorney about your case.